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If you are considering filing for divorce and you live in the Phoenix area, you probably have a lot of questions and concerns about how a divorce could affect your future. For answers to all of your questions, you can turn to the experienced Phoenix divorce lawyers at DeShon Laraye Pullen PLC. Our attorneys are dedicated to each and every client and promise to fight to protect your rights throughout the divorce process.

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Dealing With Divorce

Just dealing with the thought of a divorce can be a difficult pill to swallow. But you can recover and survive. It will just take some time, but this is where having a strong support system is important.

Early on, you need to sit down and take a personal assessment of what has transpired as well as what you expect is needed to begin your healing process. This process can be daunting, as are the potential questions you will have to answer as you move forward in dealing with the divorce.

This is where the help of an experienced attorney will be beneficial to you. This individual can explain the process and work with you through the various details. An attorney can provide insight on issues such as:

  • How to get a divorce:

    Obtain information on specific laws as they relate to the length of time to obtain a divorce, the grounds for divorce and other information about the divorce process in Phoenix.

  • Divorce and children:

    When children are involved in a divorce, things can get complicated. Work with your attorney regarding how to get custody of your child, child visitation and parenting plans.

  • Divorce and property division:

    Learn how financial matters are determined and distributed as they relate to retirement plans, savings and other property concerns.

  • How much does a divorce cost:

    Get the facts about what legal representation means in Phoenix and the associated cost of short-term and long-term associated expenses.

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A Phoenix Family Lawyer Can Answer Your Divorce Questions

While the emotional frustrations of a divorce may take some time to heal, resolving the other intricacies does not have to be as overwhelming.

When you work with a skilled attorney, you can rest assured that the divorce process will be smoother. This person will help you transition through the legal process as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, you can feel calmer knowing your interests and those of your children are well represented.

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